Our Presort and Intelligent Mail Services
Save You Money on Postage

If you’re a large company or small business, Miller’s Presort, Inc. can help you save thousands of dollars on your outgoing mail. The high speed bar-coding and sorting equipment we utilize is capable of bar-coding and sorting over 1 million pieces of mail per day.

Because we pre-apply the IMB(Intelligent Mail Barcode), presort and commingle your daily mail volume with other clients, you can expect a savings of up to $0.10 for a 1 ounce letter and $0.30 for a two ounce letter. ... read more


Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process so they give us, and you, a lower postage rate. read more

Invoice/Statement Rendering

We've been designing, printing and mailing invoices and statements for ... read more

Ink Jet Addressing

Your marketing and graphic design people will readily appreciate our 600 dpi ink jetting equipment. read more


Certified Mail Solution

Now! Miller’s Presort offers Intelli-Confirm certified mail services.

Customers save .95 or more on every piece of certified mail.

And your certified mail is done 4X faster! ... read more

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