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If you’re a large company or small business, Miller’s Presort, Inc. can help you save thousands of dollars on your outgoing mail.

Simplify Every Step of the Certified Mail Process with EZ Confirm!

  • Prepare mail four times faster than traditional Certified Mail
  • Eliminate trips to the Post Office or the ordering of expensive forms online
  • Eliminate cumbersome completion of the handwritten “green card” and Certified Mail Receipt
  • Include your own tracking number

Enhance Tracking

Tracking is multifaceted. Track directly on the internet via EZ Confirm software or from your database. Track by recipient, company, location, customer reference or USPS tracking number.

Expedite Proof of Delivery

Manage recipient signatures via query or have them automatically emailed for easy print out or electronic storage. No more waiting for green cards!

Whether you send one piece of Certified Mail a day or hundreds … simplify the process, enhance tracking, expedite proof of delivery and save postage!

Postage Savings with EZ Confirm

USPS Certified Mail with Green Card EZ Confirm Certified Mail with Electronic Signature
First Class Postage $ 0.49 $ 0.49
Certified Mail Fee $ 3.35 $ 3.35
Signature Fee $ 2.75 $ 1.45
Postage Total $6.59 $5.29

Save $1.30 – $1.60 per piece!

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