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If you’re a large company or small business, Miller’s Presort, Inc. can help you save thousands of dollars on your outgoing mail.

Presort Mail Services



We will save you money on your cost of postage through the co-mingling of mail…

Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process so they give us, and you, a lower postage rate.

Miller’s Presort seal & meter your letters, flats, parcels and priority mail. Not only will we meter ALL of your outgoing mail, we’ll meter it for a lower rate and send it to our Presort processing platform. By Presorting your mail after it’s metered, your organization will save more than enough money to pay for our services.

Miller’s Presort, Inc., is committed to lowering postage cost for all of our clients.  We utilize every available tool to guarantee that you are realizing the maximum cost savings on postage.  We utilize our state of the art sorting equipment paired with a custom billing program to personalize a savings program to fit your needs.

Utilizing the tools listed below, Miller’s Presort, Inc. provides its clients with a full postage analysis.

  • USPS Full Service Certified
  • Presort and CASS Certification
  • Commingling 1st Class Letters and Flats
  • Commingling Standard Letters
  • NCOA processing
  • MoveComply – Real time address correction on all sorting equipment.
  • NDC, SCF discounts on Standard Mail.
  • Entry Point Delivery
  • Logistics and Freight
  • NPI – Mail.dat Analysis Tool
  • Postal One

Our Mail Presort Services save you money on postage.

By using our advanced mail presort technology, we barcode, presort and comingle your mail according to zip code. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. This ease of mailing allows the postal service to charge us, and you, less postage. Whether it’s first class or standard mail, we get you the best possible rates.

Standard mail that has been commingled receives similar large discounts from the USPS.  These mailings also receive further reduced rates because the density by commingling is greater and there is now a better opportunity for distribution by mailings to the NDC or SCF which results in the overall lowest possible postage cost for our clients.  Indicia, Metered, Stamped, Profit or Non Profit we can commingle it all in a single mail stream.  We can mail from multiple CAPS accounts and can process mail from any permit in the United States.

Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process so they give us, and you, a lower postage rate for doing this service for them.  When we commingle your mail with other clients, we get even greater volume discounts which we pass on to you.

These postal savings are documented for you in our advanced tracking system.  We provide real time reporting of your mail as it is sorted so you can budget more effectively.  You can get:

  • Reports by department
  • Reports on postage cost per piece
  • Reports on number of pieces processed

Presorting is also available for handwritten mail.  Our system can scan and read handwritten addresses and barcode the mail appropriately to improve delivery and cut costs.

What’s the difference between flats, letters and parcels?  

There are huge savings in preparing your mail properly.  Letters are the most cost effective way to mail.  But if your letter is over 1/4” thick, it’s a flat. More than 6 1/8” tall x 11 ¾” wide?  It’s a flat.  If your flat is over  3/4” thick, it’s a package.

Mail weighing more than 13 oz.?  It’s a parcel.  Have a lump?  It’s a parcel.  Is your mailing flat, but rigid?  It’s a parcel.

Let us examine your outgoing mail to help you save money.   You can expect discounts of 30% or more on flats when you mail with us.

You will realize a dramatic savings on your parcel mailings because we commingle your parcels with our other clients.   This volume allows us, and you, to receive the USPS commercial rate.

Your parcels are picked up and expedited on our state-of-the-art parcel sorting platform.  The result is faster delivery at reduced rates.

Try us.  We do not charge to evaluate your current parcel mailings and can give you a free postal estimate.

We also design and produce custom boxes. 

We can print short runs for small mailings or store large quantities for you in our fulfillment center.   Call us.   We balance design with postal savings for cost effective mailings.

A simple and cost-effective means to comply with Move Update requirements

The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires all business mail customers to subscribe to some form of Move Update.  The most common form is to use an ancillary endorsement such as “Addresses Service Requested”.  These methods although effective are very expensive.  The average change notification will cost you $0.55 or more depending upon the endorsement used and in some cases your mailpiece may be delayed for days until it’s returned to you.  Miller’s Presort has the simple solution and it’s called MOVEcomply. 

MOVEcomply was developed by Bell & Howell and it allows NCOALink® processing to run as an additional task on our MLOCR sorting systems.  The new Windows-7 based Core i7 computer compares names and addresses from OCR images to the USPS® NCOALink® database. If a match is found, the new address and corresponding ZIP Code are sprayed onto the mailpiece during processing.  Miller’s Presort can then send you a photo copy of the corrected mailpiece or return the information electronically the next business day.

MOVEcomply Features & Benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Consistent processing operations
  • Ease of use
  • Single-vendor convenience
  • Provides automatic address updates
  • Enables faster mail delivery
  • Eliminates sending mail lists for third-party updates, increasing security
  • Provides full compliance with USPS® addressing standards

This is a brief explanation of the Matchback service we can provide for our customers.  The service is available on both letter and flat size presorted mail pieces:

As the regulations governing business communications become increasingly demanding, companies are discovering that they must raise the minimum integrity standards they maintain in order to comply with industry regulations and to avoid hefty fines.  Miller’s Presort, Inc.  Currently utilizes Bell and Howell’s MatchBack integrity module for the NetSort sorting software platform that drives our NPI 8000 and NPI Vsort systems.  The system helps you adhere to the strictest corporate and governmental integrity guidelines.   This is accomplished by providing our customers a record of every IMB Barcode that is applied to your mail pieces.  This is significant because the USPS offers a free tracking service on all mail that is Intelligent Mail Barcoded (IMB).  You can track your letter and flat mail pieces from induction into the USPS through delivery to the final post office of delivery.

Here is how the system works.  Customers would print a Data Matrix Code within the address window on all mail pieces that you need Matchback service performed.  A data matrix code is used because Miller’s Presort, Inc. is not allowed (by Postal regulation) to capture address data from our sorting process.  The Data Matrix code contains a policy or document ID number that will allows a customer to associate an individual mail piece with the Intelligent Mail Barcode that was applied by Miller’s Presort, Inc.   The data matrix information then allows the customer to associate a mail piece with and Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), and then take advantage of the free tracking service provided by the USPS.   Miller’s Presort, Inc. also setup and maintains a Web based portal that allows customers to enter the Policy or Document number and search for the tracking information on a particular mail piece.

Miller’s Presort will remain on standby to help you and provide solutions if unexpected events occur, such as:

* metering machines breaks-down or is in need of repair

* postage on your machine has been exhausted

* staff is on vacation

What is the Process?

Please ensure “accurate counts” then separate the Canadian mail from Other/International mail.  Miller’s will pick it up each day at your normal pick-up time.

Mail is out of the building within 24 hrs. of receiving it.

Return mail is sent every few weeks with a note attached on why it has been returned.

Questions to ask for foreign mail:

  • What are you mailing? (Letters, Books, Magazines, Flats, Packages)
  • What does it normally weigh?
  • What is your current Transit time?
  • What are you paying now?
  • What is the volume of your mailings?
  • How often? Daily, Weekly, Monthly…
  • How would you like us to handle your returns?



By using our advanced mail presort technology, we barcode and presort your mail according to zip code. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. This ease of mailing allows the postal service to charge us, and you, less postage. Whether it’s first class or standard mail, we get you the best possible rates. Contact us today to find out how mail presorting can benefit you.

  • Secure Environment – only delivery zip code is captured.

  • Mail gets to its destination faster.

  • We will save you money!

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